We breathe Volts,
eat Ampéres for breakfast,
radiate Lumens
and can’t resist a Watt.

A skilled team of electrical and lighting enthousiasts,
that's what we are.


Proven track record in electrical engineering projects, automation and lighting projects.


Holder of a degree in electrical engineering.

On top

Continuously attending courses in engineering, building information modelling, lighting calculation …


Educating each other in different fields of expertise improving cross-pollination, teamspirit and an open atmosphere.

Our common ground


Continously asking questions and seeking answers. Every day is a chance to try something new and come up with solutions to “yesterday’s unsolvable” problems.


We come together as one to solve complex issues. Innovation is a staple, teamwork is a must and everyone’s opinion counts.


We’re continuously striving to be better and know more.


We are comfortable and flexible working in ambiguous environments. We embrace change and are ready to grow and adapt to what the future may bring.

Our focus

No white elephants

Complete projects designed with utmost reflection of what the customer requested, what he needs and for what he wants to be billed.

Transparent approach

Every communication, projectmilestone, schedule is recorded and validated in our CRM-software and is visual for our clients at any time trough our webportal.

Maximized efficiency

Working paperless, maximal usage of digital apps, reducing overheadcost and improving work speed allowing us to deliver projects swift, on time and within budget.

Ultimate protection

Safeguarding sensitive customer data. All project documents are stored in our DMS sytem, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Ensuring no loss of data and latest document versions available.
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  • hello@lightstream.be
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