Document management services

When technical paper
goes digital.

The problem

Do you recognise this situation?
  • The production plant goes into fault due to an electrical fault in a switchboard.
  • The technician swiftly opens the cabinet to diagnose the fault en grabs the electrical schematic found in the cabinet.
  • Unfortunately it is missing some pages, probably taken out in a previous intervention.
  • He recalls there was a digital version on the server. After some time he finds it but isn’t sure it is the last version …
  • Production is still down …

Our solution

A system where technicians simply scan the electrical cabinet with a tablet and he is automatically directed to the latest version of the electrical schematic.

He/she solves the malfunction and makes his annotations digitally. Those annotations are automatically published and viewable for colleagues.

Direct advantages

Industry 4.0

Fast digitalisation “Industry 4.O ready” with:
  • datalogging
  • version control
  • number of interventions per cabinet 

Enhanced safety

Working with the latest versions at all time
  • no loss of data
  • impossible of having double versions reducing wrong interventions, lock-out procedures, …
  • complete history of the electrical cabinet


Everything is digital, no need of “paper” carriers.

Speed & comfort

By a simple scan, maintenance technicians get the latest technical diagrams presented, contributing to faster troubleshooting in safer working conditions. While reducing the administrative tasks, it empowers more focus on their core-business … maintenance.


A digital twin of a production facility holds a variety of documents from multiple engineering platforms and data like E-plan, autocad, … to scanned paper versions Our system works CAD/CAE independent, ensuring support for every document in a dynamic, uniform manner.


A direct return on investment, simply by the time saving it generates.
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